general contract conditions

general contract conditions

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  • Bookings can be made subject to availability of CASA CAPELL.
  • A booking will be considered confirmed when CASA CAPELL has received the 50% of the total fee (including IVA) from the client.
  • Cancellation by the client of a booking for the venue will result in the loss of :
    • 20% of the reserve, if made 2 months in advance
    • 60% of the reserve, if made 1 month in advance.
    • The entire deposit, if made less than 1 month in advance.



  • The client must comply with municipal regulations concerning noise and disturbance to local residents.
  • The client must ensure that all necessary permits (not the responsibility of the venue) are in order.
  • The rental agreement terminates once all personnel and material left by the client or by third parties has been removed from the CASA CAPELL.
  • Any damages caused to the facilities will be the responsibility of the client-renter, who directly assumes responsibility for all damages, whether caused by third-parties contracted by the client or subcontracted to other parties.
  • The space must by left empty and free of all rubbish, furniture, decorative elements etc... In the event that this should not be the case, a further charge will be added to the final bill to cover removal of any material left at the venue.
  • Occupation that exceeds the time limits originally stipulated in the contract will be billed as extra time according to the established tariffs.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the venue.
  • In the event that it is necessary to paint any walls, express permission must obtained by the client, and once the event is terminated, said walls must be repainted in their original colour. In the event that this is not completed satisfactorily, a sum of 350 € per work day will be charged.



- Of to be used the audiovisual equipment of those that Casa Capell orders, the amount of 300 € + IVA will have to be satisfied by the presence of our technician.



  • A quantity equal to 100% of the total fee must be paid as a concept of damage deposit.
  • In the event that the venue is left in accordance with the terms stipulated in the contract, the deposit will be returned in full, once the event has finished and other pending sums have been paid (such as for extra hours, cleaning, electricity etc...).



Payment must be made by cheque or bank transfer to:


C.I.F. B-61923934, - Rambla Prat 27 Pral. 2º 08012 Barcelona

Account no.: ES53 2100 0117 9702 0065 1465

  • 50% when the reservation is made.
  • The remaining 50% no later than 48 hours before start of use of the venue.
  • 100% of the total fee as a Guarantee Deposit must also be lodged no later than 48 hours before use of the venue, which will be used to cover any additional costs, damage or losses that might occur.



Failure on the part of the client or third parties contracted by the client to fulfil the conditions provided for by the contract during use of the venue will confer on the owner

the right to unilaterally rescind the contract and cancel the planned session.


Similarly, failure to pay the agreed sums within the time limits provided for in accordance with Payment Conditions will lead to the contract being rescinded and the loss of the sum

paid by way of a deposit.



Casa Capell, in fulfilment of that orders the article 5 and 6 of the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Character Datum 15/1999, its responsible of a file of datum in which the datum of its clients and suppliers finds included, being able to exercise the same rights that correspond to him.



Of being accepted the present budget, the client authorizes at Casa Capell, to being able to mention on its Web page the event carried out.

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